Internationaal schaaknieuws

29/01/2023 Tata Steel 12: Abdusattorov on brink as Carlsen misses win
28/01/2023 Tata Steel Masters 11: Maghsoodloo beats Pragg
26/01/2023 Tata Steel Chess 10: Magnus within striking distance
25/01/2023 Tata Steel Chess 9: Giri beats Ding as Abdusattorov escapes
24/01/2023 Airthings Masters kicks off $2 million Champions Chess Tour
23/01/2023 Tata Steel Chess 8: Carlsen beats Caruana
22/01/2023 Tata Steel Chess 7: Abdusattorov extends his lead
21/01/2023 Tata Steel Chess 6: Caruana gets Gukesh revenge
20/01/2023 Tata Steel 5: Abdusattorov hands Carlsen 2nd loss in a row
19/01/2023 Astana to host Nepo-Ding World Championship match
19/01/2023 Magnus Carlsen plays this year's revived Qatar Masters
18/01/2023 Tata Steel Chess 4: Both Carlsen and Ding defeated
17/01/2023 Tata Steel Chess 3: Fabi joins leaders as Ding holds Magnus
16/01/2023 Tata Steel Chess 2: Carlsen and Giri strike
15/01/2023 Tata Steel Chess 1: Ding & Abdusattorov lead
14/01/2023 Carlsen on 2900 target: "I've put that goal on hold a bit"
13/01/2023 Carlsen-Aronian in Tata Steel Masters Round 1
12/01/2023 MVL narrowly avoided forfeit at World Blitz Championship
11/01/2023 FIDE without a venue for Nepo vs Ding less than 90 days before start
10/01/2023 16-year-old Pranesh is India's 79th Grandmaster
10/01/2023 Top arbiter sidelined over "Women, Life, Freedom" T-shirt
06/01/2023 Chess Calendar 2023
31/12/2022 Carlsen's triple triple crown! 11 World Blitz Conclusions
30/12/2022 World Blitz Day 1: Magnus cuts it close, Hikaru hunts 1st title
28/12/2022 Carlsen and Tan Zhongyi win World Rapid Championship gold
28/12/2022 World Rapid Day 2: Keymer chases Carlsen
27/12/2022 World Rapid Day 1: Carlsen's Abdusattorov revenge
25/12/2022 World Rapid & Blitz begins as Carlsen faces dilemma
23/12/2022 Alekseenko wins Sitges, Niemann over 2700
21/12/2022 Magnus: "I love playing, that’s all the ambition I really need!"
21/12/2022 Kersttornooi Jeugd Turnhout
21/12/2022 Officially Acquires Play Magnus, Carlsen Signs As Ambassador
19/12/2022 Nakamura beats Carlsen for 5th consecutive Speed Chess title
17/12/2022 Carlsen to play Nakamura for the 2022 Speed Chess title
16/12/2022 Hikaru Nakamura reaches 7th Speed Chess final
15/12/2022 FIDE revamp Candidates qualification system
14/12/2022 Carlsen unbeaten in Caruana Speed Chess demolition
13/12/2022 Chessable Sunway Chess Festival begins in Sitges
08/12/2022 Nihal Sarin beats Anish Giri in thriller
07/12/2022 Carlsen plays "horribly", beats Gukesh 23:7