Internationaal schaaknieuws

03/10/2022 Euro Club Cup begins with Anand & Carlsen in action
02/10/2022 Anand back in Top 10, Pragg gains 660 points!
30/09/2022 FIDE to investigate Carlsen and Niemann
30/09/2022 Last chance to reach the MPL Indian Chess Tour final
27/09/2022 Carlsen accuses Niemann of cheating "more - and more recently - than he admits"
26/09/2022 Carlsen beats Erigaisi to win the Julius Baer Generation Cup
25/09/2022 Generation Cup Final: Magnus "far from satisfied" despite win
24/09/2022 Generation Cup SFs: It's a Carlsen-Erigaisi final!
23/09/2022 Generation Cup QFs: Carlsen through but Niemann out
22/09/2022 Generation Cup 4: Carlsen breaks record, talks about Niemann
21/09/2022 Generation Cup 3: Carlsen cruises into quarterfinals
20/09/2022 Generation Cup 2: Carlsen resigns after 1 move, Erigaisi leads
18/09/2022 Carlsen grabs sole lead in Julius Baer Generation Cup
17/09/2022 Caruana beats Firouzja in Armageddon to win Chess 9LX
16/09/2022 Firouzja eyes St Louis hat-trick as Nepo is stopped
15/09/2022 Nepomniachtchi gets flying start in Chess 9LX while Kasparov suffers
14/09/2022 Kasparov is back as Firouzja picks up trophies
12/09/2022 Ivanchuk-Pragg and Erigaisi-Carlsen to kick off Julius Baer Generation Cup
12/09/2022 Alireza Firouzja wins it all in St. Louis
11/09/2022 Stapjestoernooi in Lier
11/09/2022 Sinquefield Cup 8: Firouzja leapfrogs So
10/09/2022 Sinquefield Cup 7: Wesley the only winner
09/09/2022 Sinquefield 6: So, Firouzja and Aronian strike
09/09/2022 and Nakamura respond to Hans Niemann's interview
07/09/2022 Hans Niemann hits back at his critics
06/09/2022 Sinquefield Cup 4: Fabi wins, So leads, as life goes on without Magnus
05/09/2022 Sinquefield Cup 3: Niemann beats Carlsen to cross 2700
04/09/2022 Sinquefield Cup 2: Niemann catches Carlsen
03/09/2022 Sinquefield Cup 1: Carlsen crushes Nepo
02/09/2022 Carlsen-Nepo & Firouzja-Caruana as Sinquefield Cup begins
31/08/2022 Unstoppable Alireza Firouzja demolishes field to win in St Louis
31/08/2022 Firouzja grabs sole lead as Nakamura plays "catch up" with 7.5/9
29/08/2022 St Louis RB 3: Mamedyarov on fire as Frenchmen share lead
28/08/2022 St Louis RB 2: Firouzja hits back after loss
27/08/2022 St Louis RB 1: Firouzja's dream debut
26/08/2022 The St. Louis Rapid & Blitz starts today!
24/08/2022 Play Magnus Group receives offer
22/08/2022 Magnus Carlsen wins FTX Crypto Cup despite Praggnanandhaa comeback
21/08/2022 FTX Crypto Cup 6: Magnus faces final Pragg test
20/08/2022 FTX Crypto Cup 5: Duda beats Carlsen 4 times