Internationaal schaaknieuws

25/01/2020 Tata Steel 12: Caruana wins with a round to spare
25/01/2020 Stapjestoernooien
24/01/2020 Tata Steel 11: Caruana almost uncatchable
24/01/2020 Ju Wenjun retains her World Championship crown
23/01/2020 Goryachkina beats Ju Wenjun to force tiebreaks
22/01/2020 Tata Steel 10: Magnus wins again, but Fabi leads
21/01/2020 Tata Steel 9: Carlsen teaches Firouzja a lesson
21/01/2020 Ju Wenjun storms back into World Championship lead
21/01/2020 Alireza Firouzja vs. Magnus Carlsen Preview
19/01/2020 Tata Steel 8: Magnus wins, Fabi catches Firouzja
18/01/2020 Tata Steel 7: Alireza Firouzja leads again
17/01/2020 Goryachkina takes the lead with 4 games to go
17/01/2020 Tata Steel 6: Giri & Dubov win, Magnus held again
16/01/2020 Tata Steel 5: Firouzja beats Giri for 3rd win
15/01/2020 Women’s World Championship moves to Vladivostok
14/01/2020 Tata Steel 4: Magnus Carlsen sets 111-game record
13/01/2020 Tata Steel 3: Firouzja leads as Carlsen ties streak
12/01/2020 Tata Steel 2: Wesley So beats Anand as five lead
12/01/2020 Tata Steel 1: Firouzja and Van Foreest strike
10/01/2020 Magnus Carlsen hunts 8th Wijk aan Zee title
10/01/2020 Ju Wenjun takes Women’s World Championship lead
08/01/2020 Daniel Dardha in de pers
07/01/2020 2020 Chess Calendar
05/01/2020 Game 1: Ju Wenjun survives Goryachkina test
04/01/2020 Ju Wenjun-Goryachkina starts in Shanghai
02/01/2020 What happened in Carlsen vs. Firouzja?
31/12/2019 Magnus wins World Blitz to complete triple crown
29/12/2019 Carlsen & Humpy win Rapids | Firouzja grabs silver
28/12/2019 World Rapid Day 2: Carlsen takes over
27/12/2019 World Rapid 1: Duda halts Firouzja charge
26/12/2019 World Rapid and Blitz starts in Moscow
23/12/2019 MVL makes wild card appeal as Alekseenko chosen
22/12/2019 Nepo in the Candidates as MVL misses out again
22/12/2019 Jerusalem Grand Prix Final 1: Nepo on the brink
21/12/2019 The ultimate blunder: resigning a won position
20/12/2019 Jerusalem Grand Prix: Wei Yi is MVL’s last hope
19/12/2019 Jerusalem Grand Prix SF 2: Nepo knocks out MVL
18/12/2019 Jerusalem Grand Prix SF 1: Nepo strikes first blow
17/12/2019 Jerusalem GP: MVL & Nepo in Candidates showdown
16/12/2019 Own Magnus Carlsen’s World Championship jacket