Internationaal schaaknieuws

24/01/2022 Tata Steel 8: Mamedyarov sets up Carlsen showdown
23/01/2022 Tata Steel 7: Dubov mask forfeit overshadows Magnus move
22/01/2022 Toernooi aankondiging
22/01/2022 Tata Steel 6: Carlsen leads, Caruana blunders
21/01/2022 Tata Steel 5: Rapport & Mamedyarov hit the front
20/01/2022 Carlsen back to defend Meltwater Champions Chess Tour title
19/01/2022 Tata Steel 4: Praggnanandhaa & Mamedyarov strike
18/01/2022 Tata Steel 3: Vidit downs Dubov to take sole lead
17/01/2022 Controversy as 'Mastermind' bank robber joins chess broadcast
17/01/2022 Tata Steel 2: Carlsen gets Giri revenge
15/01/2022 Tata Steel Chess 1: Duda, Vidit, Jorden win, as top seeds misfire
15/01/2022 Carlsen: “I wouldn't say chances have increased”
14/01/2022 Kramnik on Carlsen's new target, what Firouzja needs to do and the top young talents
12/01/2022 Carlsen hunts 8th title as Tata Steel Chess starts Saturday
08/01/2022 Giri, Vidit question World Chess FIDE Grand Prix sponsorship demands
04/01/2022 17-year-old World Champ gifted flat by Presidential decree
04/01/2022 2022 Chess Calendar
31/12/2021 MVL wins World Blitz despite COVID scare
30/12/2021 World Blitz Day 1: Aronian leads as Carlsen struggles
29/12/2021 Abdusattorov & Kosteniuk win World Rapid gold
29/12/2021 Carlsen lashes out against FIDE for “completely idiotic” tiebreak rules
28/12/2021 World Rapid Day 2: Magnus beats Firouzja & Duda
27/12/2021 World Rapid & Blitz 1: Carlsen, Duda & Jobava lead
24/12/2021 World Rapid & Blitz: Can Magnus keep his triple crown?
24/12/2021 Caruana wins Gashimov Memorial after thrilling chase
22/12/2021 Gashimov Memorial: Karjakin & Rapport lead after Rapid
21/12/2021 Magnus Carlsen: “Unlikely I will play another match” except against Firouzja
20/12/2021 Nakamura and Dubov get Grand Prix wildcards
20/12/2021 Gashimov Memorial 2: Caruana takes sole lead
19/12/2021 Anand stumbles as Gashimov Memorial begins
17/12/2021 Firouzja misses Wijk after compensation demand denied
16/12/2021 Topalov: Carlsen “should give his brain to science”
14/12/2021 Carlsen hints he's played last World Championship match
13/12/2021 Ian Nepomniachtchi: “We should thank Dubov!”
12/12/2021 Dubov hits back at accusations of betrayal
10/12/2021 Magnus Carlsen wins 5th World Championship title
10/12/2021 Judit Polgar releases NFT of Garry Kasparov win
08/12/2021 Carlsen-Nepo 10: Magnus on the brink of victory
07/12/2021 Carlsen-Nepo 9: Nepo crashes as Magnus closes on 5th title
07/12/2021 Carlsen: “The last three games have been like a dream”