Internationaal schaaknieuws

21/10/2019 Grand Slam 10: Caruana and Wang Hao lead
20/10/2019 Grand Swiss 9: Nakamura joins Candidates battle
19/10/2019 Grand Swiss 8: David Anton joins the leaders
18/10/2019 Grand Swiss 7: Aronian hits the front
17/10/2019 New Chess Series: 1.e4 A Complete White Repertoire by GM Jon Ludvig Hammer
16/10/2019 Grand Swiss 6: Stars flex their muscles
15/10/2019 Grand Swiss 5: Anything Magnus can do…
14/10/2019 Grand Swiss 4: Magnus Carlsen’s great escape
13/10/2019 Grand Swiss 3: Only Caruana & Wang Hao on 100%
12/10/2019 Grand Swiss 2: Caruana in 5-man leading pack
11/10/2019 Grand Swiss 1: Anand falls, Carlsen on the edge
10/10/2019 Carlsen & Caruana return for FIDE Grand Swiss
09/10/2019 Carlsen through, Eljanov out | Banter Blitz Cup
07/10/2019 Kramnik: “I never considered myself a genius”
05/10/2019 Teimour Radjabov wins the 2019 FIDE World Cup
03/10/2019 FIDE World Cup Final 4: Tiebreaks it is!
03/10/2019 FIDE World Cup Final 3: Never write off Radjabov!
02/10/2019 FIDE World Cup Final 2: Ding Liren strikes
01/10/2019 Vitiugov: “The knockout system is treacherous”
30/09/2019 FIDE World Cup Final, 1: A normal day
29/09/2019 FIDE World Cup SF: Ding Liren does it again!
28/09/2019 FIDE World Cup SF: Radjabov crushes MVL’s dream
26/09/2019 FIDE World Cup QF: Aronian & Vitiugov crash out
25/09/2019 Banter Blitz Cup pairings are out!
25/09/2019 FIDE World Cup QF: Ding & Radjabov reach semis
24/09/2019 FIDE World Cup QF: Who wants to win an exchange?
23/09/2019 FIDE World Cup R4 Tiebreaks: Xiong wins thriller
22/09/2019 FIDE World Cup 4.2: So, Svidler & Nepo out
21/09/2019 FIDE World Cup 4.1: A bad day for the USA
20/09/2019 Magnus Carlsen tops Banter Blitz Cup billing
19/09/2019 Khanty World Cup R3 TB: Xiong knocks out Giri
18/09/2019 Khanty World Cup 3.2: No way back
17/09/2019 Khanty World Cup 3.1: Seven on the brink
16/09/2019 Khanty World Cup R2 TB: Giri survives Armageddon
15/09/2019 Khanty World Cup 2.2: Naka out as Firouzja stars
14/09/2019 Khanty World Cup 2.1: Nakamura & Wei Yi lose
13/09/2019 chess24 and Opera GX: the perfect combination
13/09/2019 Khanty World Cup R1 TB: Shankland & Adams out
12/09/2019 Khanty World Cup 1.2: A Svidler masterpiece
11/09/2019 Khanty World Cup, 1.1: Rise of the teen stars