Internationaal schaaknieuws

30/11/2022 Stapjestoernooi Mechelen 2023
30/11/2022 Tata Steel Chess India 1: Mamedyarov on fire
29/11/2022 Tata Steel Chess India starts in Kolkata
28/11/2022 Magnus scores 7:0 MrDodgy Invitational win
27/11/2022 Plichta beats Magnus as Mr Dodgy Invitational begins
26/11/2022 China clinch 3rd World Team Championship title
25/11/2022 World Teams: Uzbekistan and China reach final
24/11/2022 World Teams: India take down top seeds France
23/11/2022 World Teams: USA and Netherlands crash out
22/11/2022 Tata Steel Masters line-up announced!
21/11/2022 Carlsen completes near perfect finish to 2022 Champions Tour
20/11/2022 MCCT Finals 6: Magnus wins with round to spare
19/11/2022 MCCT Finals 5: Carlsen & Pragg win in Armageddon
18/11/2022 MCCT Finals 4: Carlsen beats Giri 3:0 to take sole lead
17/11/2022 MCCT Finals 3: Duda's Immortal
16/11/2022 MCCT Finals 2: Carlsen & Duda lead, Giri comeback
16/11/2022 Anand on the Carlsen/Niemann scandal: "There is not going to be any proof"
15/11/2022 MCCT Finals 1: Carlsen beats So in thriller
14/11/2022 Magnus Carlsen vs. Wesley So in San Francisco
08/11/2022 Wesley So wins Global Championship
07/11/2022 Global Championship 5: Wesley So on brink of victory
06/11/2022 Global Championship 4: Wesley So and Nihal Sarin reach final
05/11/2022 Global Championship 3: Missed chances
04/11/2022 Global Championship 2: Giri beats Radjabov in Armageddon
03/11/2022 Global Championship 1: Bongcloud can't stop Nakamura
01/11/2022 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals line-up announced
01/11/2022 Anna Muzychuk and Lei Tingjie qualify for Women's Candidates semi-final
31/10/2022 Nakamura wins the Fischer Random World Championship
30/10/2022 Fischer Random 4: Nepo ousts Magnus, faces Naka in final
28/10/2022 Fischer Random 3: Wesley So knocked out
27/10/2022 Fischer Random 2: Wesley So tries to castle illegally
26/10/2022 Women's Candidates starts with a bang
26/10/2022 Fischer Random 1: Hikaru beats Magnus
25/10/2022 The Monster Mystery Bash Tournament returns
25/10/2022 Carlsen-Nakamura as Fischer Random starts in Reykjavik
22/10/2022 Aimchess Rapid Day 8: Duda wins thrilling final after Mamedyarov comeback
21/10/2022 Jennifer Yu clinches 2nd US Chess Championship
21/10/2022 Aimchess Rapid Day 7: Duda takes decisive lead
20/10/2022 US Chess Champs 13: Caruana clinches 2nd title!
20/10/2022 Aimchess Rapid Day 6: Duda knocks out Carlsen to face Mamedyarov in final